Gibbs Motors - Medina

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Gibbs Motors - Medina

Post by Luke » Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:05 am

Here is a example of modeling a "selectively compressed" prototype structure, the former Chevrolet Dealer located just North of the AC&Y in Medina. The Gibbs Motors dealership, now gone, was located at the SE corner of Smith Rd. and Court Street. It begs to be modeled which was accomplished by combining / modifying two Walthers Cornerstone Washleger Motors HO scale kits. The prototype photo is courtesy of the Medina Historical Society.
P1040514 - Copy.JPG
Aerial view of Medina including Gibbs Motors
P1040514 - Copy.JPG (185.92KiB)Viewed 7717 times
P1000078 - Copy.JPG
View East along Smith Rd. at Gibbs Motors
P1000078 - Copy.JPG (238.33KiB)Viewed 7762 times
hpqscan0001 - Copy.jpg
Gibbs Motors in Medina
hpqscan0001 - Copy.jpg (250.74KiB)Viewed 7762 times
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Re: Gibbs Motors - Medina

Post by Peacock » Wed Jul 18, 2012 11:36 pm

See this area of Bob's layout in a video on the AC&YHS Non-Profit Youtube Channel.
Akron, Canton & Youngstown Railroad Historical Society Trustee Bob Lucas's Model AC&Y Layout. See the Goodyear Zeppelin Comet, a 2-8-0 led consist, Mars light led FM H16-44 coal consist, and the modern day Wheeling & Lake Erie heritage high hood GP-35 AC&Y 107. Most run by shots were centered in the modeled AC&Y Medina Ohio area. This showcases DCC sound at it's finest.

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