Upcoming AC&Y News magazines!

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Upcoming AC&Y News magazines!

Post by Luke » Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:21 am

Our first ever all modeling issue, the Winter 2012 AC&YHS News magazine will feature terrific AC&Y modeling articles by Wade Griffis and Matt Woods. The Society has some of the best modeler's in the country! We are proud to show off the superb efforts of two of our members. Matt has described his techniques in weathering steam locomotives, adding unparalleled realism to P-Class (AC&Y's 300-series) and Class-O (350-series) stock plastic HO-scale models. If you have seen Matt's work at the Society Convention, you were no doubt impressed. Wade has described his construction of one of the new Sunshine Mather custom resin boxcar kits with tips and modifications to add even more realism. The car he choose to model is an AC&Y 3150-series. Historically significant, the prototypes were built new for AC&Y in 1954, likely the last single-sheathed wood boxcars built for any U.S. railroad. Wade's modeling is a work of art!

Also shown is a photo from the Spring 2013 AC&Y News magazine featuring a story on one of AC&Y's most interesting shippers, the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing plant at Copley, Ohio. Its a story of American industrial archaeology as much as railroading. The 3M plant is now converted to an acid storage facility, but for years manufactured both sulfuric acid and roofing granules. I believe you will find this story incredible interesting.

Both magazines will be mailed together in early Spring to members of record together with Society annual dues renewals for 2013. Bob
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Mather Box #3169 - Wade Griffis Photo
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Class P Resized.JPG
Weathered P-Class - Matt Woods Photo
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3M Copley - Bob Lucas Photo
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