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HO scale H20-44 diesel shell

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:59 am
by Tom Davidson
Big Dawg Originals in a small company that produces superstructure shells and detail parts for model railroaders. They have been approached about producing a shell for the Fairbanks Morse H20-44 diesel, which would be correct for AC&Y 500-504. This HO shell would be designed to fit on the tried and true Hobbytown drive, which is coming back into production with state of the art improvements. Depending upon the skill of the modeler, it might be possible to use this shell to produce AC&Y 505-508.

Big Dawg Originals will not commit to the project unless or until they hear from enough interested modelers to be sure the market is large enough. They have posted a notice on their Facebook page, asking for interested parties to respond and indicate how many shells each person wants.

Beginning in 1948, the H20-44 dominated AC&Y road freight service. Initially, they tended to run as single units. Eventually, AC&Y settled into a pattern of using one H20-44 in the lead, with one H16-44 (as produced by Atlas, Bachmann, etc.) trailing.

I repeat, the model will not be produced unless Big Dawg receives a good indication that there will be a sufficient number of orders. Please act accordingly.

Tom Davidson

Re: HO scale H20-44 diesel shell

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 8:25 pm
by LKandO
As much as I would love to have the H20-44 available in something other than brass I can't in good conscious support Big Dawg.

Re: HO scale H20-44 diesel shell

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 3:52 pm
by Tom Davidson
I have heard this complaint.

For years, we have actively lobbied Atlas (and any other potential manufacturer) to make an H20-44 shell available, but nobody has stepped up to do it. Big Dawg proposes to use the old brass shell from Alco Products as the basis for the new shell. Those locomotives (and shells) are very hard to find on the used market. If Big Dawg produces the shell, it cannot possibly hurt the interests of Alco Products, which no longer exists. The Hobbytown drive should produce a model whose performance is far superior to the performance of the old Alco model.

I have been assured that it is legal for Big Dawg to do this, and no existing entity is having its interests violated. If it is shown that Big Dawg is guilty of a violation of law or ethics, nobody in the Society would condone those actions.

I respect your right to act in whatever way you deem appropriate.