ex DT&I boxcars for Campbell's Soup

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ex DT&I boxcars for Campbell's Soup

Post by jspinksjr » Sat Nov 29, 2014 2:11 pm

Has anybody built or bashed one of these xmi's? I was wondering if either the Con-Cor 40 plug door or the Atlas Trainman insulated box would be a good starting point. Thanks.

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Re: ex DT&I boxcars for Campbell's Soup

Post by Luke » Sun Nov 30, 2014 2:27 pm

The two models you mention are certainly possibilities. I'm not sure you're aware of an article on the AC&Y's 40-foot insulated plug door boxcars (AC&Y 610-614) which appeared in the Winter 2003 Society News magazine? I'll post excepts from that story below plus a few photos and drawings. As outlined, pool car routings were random. The DT&I cars outnumbered the AC&Y cars by 15:1 and so were far more more prevalent than the AC&Y marked cars (as actually seen on the AC&Y). There were also other roads which contributed cars to the Napoleon Campbell Soup pool.

"In October 1962, the AC&Y commenced the outright purchase of five 40-foot insulated boxcars from the DT&I Railroad. After reconditioning, the cars were reallocated for the exclusive use of an important shipper, the Campbell Soup Company at Napoleon, Ohio. Covered by AFE #935, the AC&Y acquired the five cars at a cost of $7,276 respectively. The gross project cost was $36,430. Originally members of the DT&I 19,300-series, the five additions were numbered AC&Y 610 through 614. The cars were up-graded, painted and stenciled at the DT&I shops in Jackson, Ohio (SW of Columbus). The newly refurbished cars were inspected and accepted on November 20, 1962. The table below shows the previous DT&I car numbers.

ACY No. 610 (formerly DT&I 19395)
ACY No. 611 (formerly DT&I 19399)
ACY No. 612 (formerly DT&I 19385)
ACY No. 613 (formerly DT&I 19315)
ACY No. 614 (formerly DT&I 19326)

The DT&I 19300-19449 series insulated cars were constructed in the DT&I's Jackson Shops in 1959 from plain “XM” 40-foot postwar AAR boxcars (DT&I 14300-14549 series) built originally by Greenville Steel Car Co. in 1950. They previously had Camel-Youngstown 8-foot sliding doors and were 3901 cubic foot capacity. Rebuilt with Superior 8-foot plug doors and Keystone 10-inch end-of-car cushioning, they were insulated inside. They rode on 50-ton ASF trucks, later retrofitted with roller bearings. All 150 rebuilt cars retained their Murphy diagonal panel roofs, Standard Railway early improved R+3/4 dreadnaught ends and 10-panel riveted sides. Conferred AAR mechanical designation “XLI”, they were assigned to canned goods service at Napoleon, Ohio. To address damage-in-transit, 140 cars received interior compartmentizers in the years 1969-70: 100 random DT&I cars were outfitted with Evans Dual Air Paks and 40 cars received Evans "DFB" equipment. No AC&Y cars were modified.

The AC&Y’s five insulated boxcars were acquired in 1962 to fulfill equipment obligations at Napoleon. In exchange, the AC&Y received a traffic commitment from Campbell Soup. The exact nature of this business, destinations and routings are not known. In 1962, the AC&Y handled 983 total carloads of canned goods traffic. One can deduce that part of this business was outbound Campbell’s shipments to receiver(s) on the AC&Y and to Eastern destination(s) wherein the AC&Y functioned as an efficient overhead “bridge” carrier.

The AC&Y served three on-line grocery warehouses – Akron Grocery at Summit Street, Betsy Ross and Acme Albrecht at Gilchrist Road. AC&Y’s bridge routings no doubt included roads that did not directly connect with the DT&I, a North-South regional carrier. Loads received at Columbus Grove likely moved via the “alphabet routings” inclusive of the W&LE (NKP), P&WV, WM and CNJ. The larger Class I roads that did connect with the DT&I also contributed equipment and most certainly insisted on their long-haul routes rather than sharing revenue with the AC&Y. One five AC&Y cars, No. 612, was off the roster in late 1968, destroyed in a derailment on the C&O.

AC&Y’s insulated boxcars were identical to DT&I No. 19326. The DT&I cars sported the compass herald. To model in HO, utilize an Accurail 40’ plug door box (#3100 undecorated). The yellow shade applied to Accurail’s DT&I version (#3107) matches the prototype paint chip; however, the overall scheme is incorrect. For greater fidelity, start with a Branchline AAR 40' box with 8' doors (#1500 undecorated). Add an 8’ plug door with two additional locking bars to approximate the Superior door (AC&Y HS member offers the correct double locking bar door in cast resin). Fill the side sill between the bolsters. Atlas once offered an O-scale insulated box in the DT&I scheme. Atlas still offers an N-scale car. Equipment diagram, courtesy of Jim Hediger, Senior Editor, Model Railroader and DT&I fan extraordinaire."
DT&I scan.jpg
DT&I 19000-series drawing
DT&I scan.jpg (2.67MiB)Viewed 7287 times
DTI 19326 formatted - Copy.jpg
DT&I 19000-series box
DTI 19326 formatted - Copy.jpg (62.9KiB)Viewed 7287 times
AC&Y #614 box - Copy.jpg
AC&Y #614 at Brittain
AC&Y #614 box - Copy.jpg (243.05KiB)Viewed 7287 times
Accurail DT&I box with paint modifications
DTI19594Accu40'Plug.jpg (44.16KiB)Viewed 7287 times

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