Newly announced in N Gauge

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Tom Davidson
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Newly announced in N Gauge

Post by Tom Davidson » Sat Aug 02, 2014 1:16 pm

The latest catalog from Atlas lists the N Gauge PS-1 boxcar in an original (1951) paint scheme, scheduled for November, 2014 delivery. The artwork shows car number 842, but the text indicates that number 704 will be offered as well. These are identified as catalog item number 50 001 932-50 001 933. MSRP is $27.95.

The same catalog lists the N Gauge FM H16-44 in both early (AC&Y 200-203) and later (204-206) body styles, scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2014. However, no AC&Y paint schemes are listed, so the modeler would have to obtain an undecorated unit and do the painting himself. Undecorated early carbody (suitable for H15 no. 200, as well as H16's 201-203) is item number
40 001 856 (standard) or 40 001 879 (DCC). Undecorated later carbody (suitable for 204-206) is item number 40 001 866 (standard) or 40 001 889 (DCC). MSRP for standard units is $119.95; DCC units are $159.95

No AC&Y items are listed in the HO or O Gauge sections of the catalog. :cry:


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