Whereabouts of AC&Y's "Blue Goose" - Another Riddle?

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Whereabouts of AC&Y's "Blue Goose" - Another Riddle?

Post by Luke » Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:54 am

Affectionately nicknamed “the Blue Goose,” sleek and splendid business observation car No. 23 was the pride and joy of the AC&Y, a genuine symbol of the road’s prosperity! AC&Y utilized No. 23 extensively for customer entertainment, business meetings and various public relations events. No. 23 was a frequent visitor to the West-end (Pandora, Ohio) during pheasant hunting seasons (thus the nickname) and often hosted field trips to Carey and Delphos, Ohio for many groups.

AC&Y records confirm that No. 23 was acquired from the Missouri-Pacific Railroad Co., purchased in September 1958 for the sum of $12,500. The sale price included furniture and fixtures, but not linens, silver or dishes. AC&Y retained the M-P’s handsome blue and gray “Eagle” color scheme. Relettering and outfitting was completed at Brittain Yard in East Akron. No. 23 had an exterior length of 77’-5", an inside length of 67'-0" and inside width of 9'-0". She road on 6-wheel Commonwealth bolted pedestal trucks and weighed in at an impressive 183,300 pounds. Supported by steel under frame, the upper superstructure was a combination of wood with steel reinforcement. The observation platform had railings and gates. The interior layout included three staterooms, a dining room, kitchen and porter’s compartment. The sleeping capacity was nine (9) persons.

Archive records also yield a notarized bill-of-sale dated July 2, 1965 tracing No. 23 to Mr. Leonard Topp of the Stacy Commission Co. in Buffalo, New York. The bill-of-lading shows No. 23 consigned to the Buffalo Stock Yard Co., now defunct. AC&Y shipped her complete with extra keys and blueprints. Thereafter, the whereabouts of No. 23 have been elusive despite the efforts of many to locate her. We now believe that No. 23 was integrated into the BNSF headquarters campus in Fort Worth. We would like to confirm this scenario if anyone has additional knowledge.
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