Most Needed Image - AC&Y's "Blue Goose"

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Most Needed Image - AC&Y's "Blue Goose"

Post by Luke » Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:35 pm

We are appealing to the Society membership and forum viewers to assist in locating color images of AC&Y's Business Observation No. 23, affectionately known as "The Blue Goose". We have several partial views in color plus other full views of low quality. Pride of the AC&Y, it could be said that the No. 23 operated in the best years of the railroad, a period of seven years from September 1958 through July 1965. Based on other recent images that have surfaced, there are no doubt slides and/or negatives which would fill a void for our desired book images. If you have images or know of "Blue Goose" image sources, kindly contact me or the Society. Bob
ac&y #23 - Copy.jpg
Only full view of AC&Y's "Blue Goose"
ac&y #23 - Copy.jpg (83.9KiB)Viewed 5703 times

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