Update on AC&Y-A&BB Book

An open forum to discuss all aspects of the Akron Canton & Youngstown Railroad Historical Society's upcoming book. We are looking for additional images, AC&Y graphics, advertising, etc.
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Update on AC&Y-A&BB Book

Post by Luke » Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:03 pm

A quick update on the status of the long overdue AC&Y-A&BB Morning Sun Book:

IMAGES: We're still gathering and qualifying color images. We have secured some very impressive slide collections including images by Sanford Goodrich, Mont Switzer, Frank and Todd Novak, John Parker, Larry DeYoung, Dave McKay, Emory Gulash and Willis McCaleb.... about 300 high-quality "never seen before images". These are in addition to the Ed Kirstatter, John Beech and other collections plus selected Ebay images. I'm working with Mike Schaefer and George Elwood plus securing permissions from Al Chione, J. David Ingles, Jon Diller, Randy Farris, Jim Roberts and an unknown gentleman in Barberton who sold his circa 1960's A&BB collection to Todd Novak.

Bob's Photos has given the Society an affirmative to publish selected images from his collection as has Bill Nixon. Michael Bradley and Robert are working to secure the digital files From Bob Liljestrand. 90% of the image candidates have been digitally scanned for layout purposes. We are in need of action (trains), any steam color, West end and any image that says "WOW! We likely will include a few B&W images, particularly steam. Note that we have had success with 35mm color negatives in addition to color slide transparencies. If anyone has images or knows of possible image sources, kindly advise.

PAPER: We're identifying ephemera (paper) to be used in support of images. Below are examples of what we are looking for in addition to stock certificates, letter head, industrial development advertising, RPO date stamps, annual reports, employee magazine covers, timetables and a wonderful drawing by Mike Kopach, etc. If anyone has unusual paper ephemera that might of interest, kindly advise. Again, some material can be B&W.

CONTENT: The Morning Sun book will be 128 pages with 200+ images. There will be nominal histories for AC&Y and A&BB with much of the story told in captions. The book layout is being developed, but have in mind: about 95 pages devoted to AC&Y and 33 pages A&BB. The AC&Y portion will contain dedicated sections for revenue freight cars and non-revenue caboose and MOW equipment (ala Morning Sun's Color Guide series), ROW stations/ structures/interlocking towers, etc and sections on East Akron industry (Spur 4), Brittain yard, Delphos and Carey with maps. Bob Yanosey (Morning Sun) also recommends including N&W and W&LE content. I also envision a series of vignettes' featuring AC&Y's relationship with Timken and Fairbanks-Morse; also the ex-Reading 2102 excursion of 1973, action at Spencer and coverage of at least one AC&Y derailment.

CONTRACT: The book is a Society project. AC&Y HS has signed an agreement with Morning Sun. The benefits include: Aligning ourselves with a high-quality, established railroad book publisher with Nationwide sales through Morning Sun's book distribution network, $3000.00 payable to the Society upon publication, six free copies of the book (for major contributors), dealer privileges for the Society with any quantity of books at a 40% discount.

TIMETABLE: I would envision completion of a book draft sometime early Spring 2013. Bob Yanosey advises that editing, scanning and preparation can take another six months. Once that is completed, we have a short time period to make any corrections or changes before the final edited version is submitted for printing. I have time, current health, resources and willingness to see this project to its completion. As this is a Society effort and most of the benefits accrue to the AC&YHS, please help if asked. That's all I will request of anyone. I know that I can count on all of you for your unqualified support as you have always given me. The AC&Y-A&BB book will be something that we can all be proud of and will generate huge new interest in "Ohio's Road of Service". Bob

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