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Fall 2012 AC&Y HS News

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:34 am
by Luke
The next issue of the Society News magazine (Fall 2012) features a terrific story by Steve Holzheimer on AC&Y's carbon black business. By trade, Steve is an electrical engineer / process design expert. The story incorporates his special knowledge with emphasis on carbon black manufacturing and distribution processes. As Steve outlines, carbon black production was largely confined to the southwestern states, namely Texas and Louisiana. Transportation requirements dovetailed well with the service capabilities of the AC&Y and NKP. As a nimble Class I railroad, AC&Y could provide superior service in many lanes vis-a-vis the local rail competitors (Pennsy, B&O, Erie).

Steve notes that carbon black moved both in boxcars and, in later years, specialized covered hoppers owned or leased by the manufacturers. HO scale modelers can delight that two custom kits are now available for the 3000-cuf carbon black covered hoppers. Built from 1933 to 1953, these unique early cars were frequent visitors on the AC&Y into the 1980’s. Hopefully, a modeling article will appear featuring construction of carbon black covered hoppers.

Re: Fall 2012 AC&Y HS News

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 6:43 pm
by wadegriffis
Anyone really interested in carbon black cars needs to get a copy of Eric Neubauer's book - It is a freight cars journal book.
It was in their monogram series - #15. It contains a complete history of the owners , manufacturers , number of cars
owned. It also has line drawings of all the major variations in these cars. It has prototype construction details and
dimenisons. It has all the details as to hatch sizes , roof - walk widths , hatch placements - you name it.

I have built 5 cars using the book for info. I have two 1972 - square sample pockets car, a late 1972 - round sample pocket,
a car built in Oct 1977 and a car built in 1980. Haven't gotten them painted as yet ( weather has not been co-operating),
but do have decals for the first three cars. I hope to bring these cars to the convention next fall. Will try to post pictures
when i get the cars completed.