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An open forum to discuss all aspects of a “Free-mo” modular layout of the Akron Canton & Youngstown Railroad.
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Free-mo Tim
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Share your plans and designs here

Post by Free-mo Tim » Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:45 pm

Here's a module that's under construction. It's based on the 1950's industries in east central Akron on the A&BB. Drawing from 3rdPlanIt CAD software.
10ft_Beaver_St_siding.jpg (218.69KiB)Viewed 6992 times
The area that's being modeled as it exists today.

This design isn't 100% accurate representation of the prototype but modified to fit the space available. Originally planned to be a switching design for my grandson in his bedroom. A re-measure of the space cancelled that plan. Now, it will stay at my place after it's completed, My grandson still wants to switch cars around on it, so the purpose is still valid.

Please share your designs and thoughts here. If you'd like to have your ideas developed into CAD designs like shown above, I'm glad to help.


Tim Moran
Akron, OH

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