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WANTED - F-M H20-44 Drawings / Plans

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:01 am
by Luke
We have a qualified manufacturer interested in producing the F-M H20-44 diesel in HO scale and are looking for detailed plans or erection drawings. The early Lowey-stylized car body version would be modeled. AC&Y's first four heavy-duty road switchers (Nos 500-503) were of this design. The 2000-h.p. end-cab Fairbanks-Morse prototypes were considered ahead of their time. Only 96 units were built between June 1947 and March 1956. The railroads who purchased the H20-44 include the UP, PRR and NYC in addition to the AC&Y and P&WV. If anyone has or knows sources for this information, please post or contact Tom Davidson or myself. REL