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Mt. Blanchard - Bridge #440

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:41 pm
by Luke
Was perusing Society Archive image collections for a future News magazine article and realized that we had two similar photos of AC&Y Bridge 440 at Mt. Blanchard. This 160' thru-plate girder (3-spans) was built in 1895 by Toledo bridge for the PA&W. It crossed the Blanchard River about 1/4-mile West of the depot. If interested in modeling AC&Y's West end, particularly Mt. Blanchard, these images offer a wealth of information. The first photo was taken as part of the ICC Valuation of the Northern Ohio Rwy. (then controlled by NYC) in 1918. Note the lack of a forest canopy, typical of all AC&Y images of this era. This photo along with others of the NO Rwy. was located in the National Archives in College Park, Maryland. Note there was a water station (tank) located between the depot and the river. We have a photo and details on this water tank. The second image is from the AC&Y accident investigation files. It's not dated, but is estimated to be from the 1940's. The farm elevator at appears to be well established along with a healthy forest near the ROW. Lastly, to put the images in perspective, I employed Google earth to show the AC&Y mainline. It appears at least one span of bridge 440 remains as of 2012 together with much of the AC&Y's abandoned ROW from a satellite view. Hopefully, AC&Y fans and modelers will find this sort of information useful and of interest? There are wonderful resources to bring back the AC&Y as it once existed. REL