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New Washington, Ohio depot

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:01 pm
by Fritz N. Kuenzel
I didn't know the AC&Y forum had been going since May. Since i don't alway's keep up with whats happening in the world i didn't notice it until i happened to check the website back on July 3 so i signed up. I think it's absolutely great having a AC&Y forum for those of us interested in the RR!

Since the AC&Y New Washington, Ohio depot has been a big part of my life since dismantling it back in the fall of 1998 and starting the reassembling of it the following spring it's been a on-going work in progress over the past 14 years and quite the learning experience.All i can say is i'm sure glad i took on the project when i was 38 years old instead of 52!

It has been alot of fun but also alot of hard work,i'm still not quite finished but the hard work is done and i can truthfully say i'm glad i tackled the project to save the old depot. It wasn't in the best of shape back in 1998 and the roof was in terrible shape.It had lots of water damage to the floor,the sills were rotted and it had no foundation as the depot sat only on large timber blocks wich had sank and rotted into the ground. Sometime during the late 1960's some modifications were made as one can see the big difference between a 1966 and 74 photo's when the right front window was removed and a additional door was added. The original front door on the left was moved over to the left closer to the bay window.

The high interior ceilings were also dropped at that time and when the left door was moved over a hallway was created there to go in and a doorway was made thru where the old ticket window once was to enter the center bay window room area. One interesting thing when dismantling the depot where that doorway had been made i found the old ticket window track up in the wall above the opening.

A bathroom had been added at some point i'm guessing back in the late 1930's as the old sink had a 1930's date on the bottom side. The bathroom was put in the southeast corner of the waiting room where it was sectioned off and met the hallway divider area wich housed the furnace in the middle area utilizing the original brick chimney above. I have since changed the front window and door locations back to as they once were. Of things i've yet to do i have the eaves boards/soffit to put back up,the brick chimney,and paint the backside and the inside. I'd eventually like to reinstall new end arched trim outside.The depot still retains it's original fancy corbel arched trim above the bay window. Of course i've added new wooden balls to the corbel bottoms as only one original remained and i extended the corner end corbel brackets as the fancy ends were sawn off years ago.

Attached is a photo from last year 2011 of how the depot looks. I've kept records of every hour and dollar i've spent on it,and what i've got invested in it dollar wise is less than what a average new automobile cost today. If any of you are ever out driving in the Norwalk area your welcome to stop by and if i'm home i'll show you around. The AC&Y New Washington depot serves Ohio and the Nation!

Fritz N. Kuenzel

Re: New Washington, Ohio depot

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:25 pm
by danwest
It's looking great Fritz!!