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AC&Y Fans Rejoice!

Posted: Wed May 25, 2016 10:39 am
by Luke
There's a good chance AC&Y fans will be granted another AC&Y specific model. Earlier this year (2016) the Society was contacted by Kadee Quality Products to provide lettering detail for a new 50' PS-1 boxcar model in HO scale. Kadee has offered both 40' and 50' PS-1's for some time. However, the prototype AC&Y 50' PS-1's (200 cars in the AC&Y 3500-series) differed. The AC&Y cars featured a unique side sill tab arrangement. In the interest of accuracy (for which Kadee is particularly respected), they elected not to offer the AC&Y scheme for their existing 50' PS-1 body. Kadee plans to introduce a new body with the correct sill and include other details matching the AC&Y 3500-series cars.

We have been authorized by Kadee to make this announcement. There is no completion or availability date yet for this project. We will keep everyone updated as information is made available. REL