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300 AC&Y Stock Cars - Another Riddle!

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2012 2:00 pm
by Luke
Another riddle for the ages, between May and December 1912, the AC&Y Railway acquired or leased some 300 stock cars, placed in the AC&Y 5000-series. These were early design 36-foot, 25-ton single-deck wood cars with large billboard sides and lettering. The exact purpose of this transaction and peculiar arrangement is not known.

At the time, the newly constructed 7.5-mile AC&Y had just initiated service between the W&LE connection at Mogadore and the Northern Ohio Railway at North Main St. in downtown Akron. As evidence, two Society archive photos of stock cars staged at Brittain yard are posted. The photos were taken in the aftermath of epic flooding in March 1913 when the Little Cuyahoga River overran its banks devastating much of East Akron. All but 18 stock cars were off the AC&Y roster per the August 1915 ORER shown below. No AC&Y stock cars are listed in a 1917 ORER. There are two other photos, one of an AC&Y stock car placed at Colonial Pressed Brick (later Camp Brothers) in Mogadore and an overturned AC&Y stock car at the East Akron Freight House near Market Street served by Spur 3.

It's believed the stock cars ultimately migrated or were reassigned to the W&LE as nearly identical cars began to appear on that road. Should anyone have additional knowledge or care to speculate further, postings are welcome.