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Tom Davidson
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The Society

Post by Tom Davidson » Tue Sep 24, 2013 3:15 pm

I just want to remind everybody that we are still very much in existence! There seems to have been a drop in the number of postings lately, but I hope that doesn't indicate any lessening of interest on the part of our membership. It's true that the Society has undergone some recent changes; but that doesn't mean we're not a viable, dynamic organization. Our most recent issue of the magazine has just come out in the new digital format, and includes much more information on AC&Y's service to 3M at their Copley plant. Fascinating stuff about a truly unique operation. In addition, we are still working on the color book. That has taken (and still is taking) a great deal of time and effort on the part of quite a few members and friends of the Society. Whether the AC&Y or A&BB are your primary interest or a secondary interest, you'll find an awful lot of terrific information there when it finally comes out. We have had to do a lot of new research to prepare this book, and I think a lot of folks will be amazed at the amount of newly discovered information it will present. I can tease you by asking and answering (cryptically) a few questions.
How many AC&Y or A&BB color (or B&W, for that matter) photos do you have in your personal reference library? When the book comes out, your available material will expand by a lot.
What do you know about A&BB's steam roster, aside from 0-6-0's 15-18? The book will include the most thorough roster ever published. All new research.
Where did AC&Y's last mixed train Combines come from? You'll find out in the forthcoming book.
What do you know about A&BB's caboose roster? You'll know a lot more after you read the book.
Were AC&Y's track standards high enough to handle a truly big locomotive, like an NYC Niagara? I'm not saying until the book comes out.
Did A&BB ever have a turntable in Barberton? We'll tell you in the book.
Did A&BB's diesels all have the same paint scheme? I'll let you guess where you can find out.
After doing a lot of this research, we have had to edit the material to fit the intended page count. It wouldn't be possible to fit that much material between the covers, so some of our new information will have to wait for publication in the digital magazine. So there's more good stuff to come.
The Society's recent changes have been hard for me to digest, since I'm such a Luddite. But change is one of the few constants in life and sometimes we just have to roll with the punches. Bob Lucas and Ed Kirstatter and I had to adjust to dieselization a long time ago. So did a lot of other members, but I won't embarrass them by lumping them in with us old timers. We survived that trauma, so we can tell you that there is a future and there are benefits that will come with the changes.
So now I'll just remind everybody to HAVE FAITH. Then I'll stop preaching and step down from the pulpit.

Tom Davidson

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Free-mo Tim
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Re: The Society

Post by Free-mo Tim » Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:29 pm


Thanks for the update and stoking the fires for the book!
Can't wait to get my hands on a copy.



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