Images of Past Conventions

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Images of Past Conventions

Post by Luke » Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:31 am

The late Bob Richardson who passed away in 2007 at age 97 was a noted railroad author, photographer, preservationist and historian. He addressed the AC&Y Historical Society in 1998. Richardson moved with his parents to Akron, Ohio in 1915 and attended school there. He recalls classes at Bowen School, which overlooked the AC&Y near Summit Street, being disrupted by hard charging 4-6-0's gaining a foothold on the eastbound grade through downtown Akron. He revealed that the AC&Y Railroad was an early and major influence in lifelong love affair with railroading. Also identified in the photo are Gary Dillon, Bill Hanslik, Jr., John Els, Marc Shepler, Tom Davidson, Dennis Romain and the late Clint Ensworth.

For some ten years after the AC&Y Historical Society was formed in 1993, our annual Conventions / Business meetings were held at the Sharon Center Town Hall. Pictured in this scene taken about 2001 are Loyd Kinclade, Bob Lucas, Tim Lassan, Marc Shepler, Bill Hanlik, Jr., Gary Dillon and Gary Kleinfelter. Attendees could enjoy various AC&Y displays, terrific models and purchase items / memorabilia from the Society Store and local vendors.

Also pictured at the 1997 Annual Convention is Bill Hanslik, Sr. with his terrific S-scale operating module. Looking at the module is the late Howard Wilkerson, one of the Societies most dedicated members and a loyal AC&Y fan.

If anyone has additional Convention photos, please feel free to post them. REL
Bob Richardson0001.jpg
Bob Richardson at the 1998 Annual Convention
Bob Richardson0001.jpg (116.67KiB)Viewed 7685 times
1997 Convention at Sharon Center.jpg
S-scale Display at the 1997 Convention
1997 Convention at Sharon Center.jpg (267.03KiB)Viewed 7685 times
Convention Pics0001.jpg
Sharon Center Annual Convention
Convention Pics0001.jpg (229.03KiB)Viewed 7685 times

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