ex-NH boxcars

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ex-NH boxcars

Postby wadegriffis » Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:08 am

Does anyone know what type of roofs the rebuilt ex-NH box cars the ACY got from United States Railway. These are the Yellow billboard ACY box cars. I think they might have Murphey roofs , but are possibly the Pullman - Standard "bow - tie " type.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks WBG.

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Re: ex-NH boxcars

Postby Luke » Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:30 am

Wade, I gathered some info below off the web and the AC&Y HS Archive revenue equipment summaries. Believe all PS-1 40-foot boxcars employed the Pullman-Standard proprietary roof and end designs, the difference with the early PS-1 cars being the raised portion of the end roof panels was missing as were the small tabs at the very top of both ends. These would be relatively easy modifications if you wanted to model these features. Note the model references below which should confirm the roof and end questions on the early New Haven cars. Hope this helps? Bob

3200-3346 147 40' 6" 3717 cuf, 50-ton 1962 to 1976 Pullman-Standard Early PS-1, 10' 0" height, 7' superior door (7 panel) Solid yellow Red billboard Built 1948, ex-NH, leased from U.S. Rwy. Equip.
3247-3459 113 40' 6" 3903 cuf, 50-ton 1962 to 1976 Pullman-Standard Early PS-1, 10' 6" height, 7' superior door (7 panel) Solid yellow Red billboard Built 1948, ex-NH, leased from U.S. Rwy. Equip.

Between December 1947 and January 1948 Pullman Standard produced Lot 5882 for the New Haven which became road numbers 33500-33999. This group of cars represented a “big” change in boxcar design for the New Haven as it was their first group of early PS-1 10’6” IH steel boxcars. Unlike the earlier 1937 AAR 10’IH boxcars, these cars were built with P-S proprietary roof and end designs. The cars were all equipped with ASF Ride Control trucks, 7’ 7-panel Superior doors and Apex Tri-Lok running boards. Ted Culotta wrote an excellent article in the January 2008 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman describing how to build a model of these cars.

In April 1948 Pullman Standard supplied the New Haven with two more groups of 40’ Steel Boxcars that represented the last of this type the New Haven would own. The cars were built in Lot 5894 (34500-34999) and Lot 5907 (35000-35999) for a total of 1500 cars. All cars in this group were still the early PS-1 type, but reverted back to a 10’IH design. It has been noted by the late author David Sweetland that records show the earlier 10’6” IH cars and the first 500 of these 10’IH cars share the identical Pullman Standard Lot number. In the February 2008 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman, Clark Propst describes how to build a very similar car to this New Haven type.
1425331-R01-002 - Copy.Jpg
AC&Y 3299, an early PS-1 ex-NH box. Bob Lucas collection.
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