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Layout planning

Posted: Thu May 23, 2013 8:45 pm
by Tom Davidson
A recent posting mentioned modeling the Big 4 at New London/Hiles, with specific reference to the problem of how to gracefully let the Big 4 leave the scene at the West (South) end. When Bob Lucas confronted this problem, I suggested that the Big 4 is simply a double track mainline, not much different from the double track B&O mainline which crosses the AC&Y at Greenwich. So it wouldn't look out of place for the Big 4 to "become" B&O when it gets to Greenwich, and cross the AC&Y just as the actual B&O did. Bob is very happy with this arrangement. Since the AC&Y is his primary focus, the B&O and Big 4 are secondary anyway, and the arrangement does not call attention to itself. If this arrangement doesn't ring true to you, then it would be possible to build on a wider shelf and put the actual B&O/Big 4 diamond in the foreground, with a "horn" track connecting them to allow your Big 4 local to escape behind the backdrop via the B&O. In this case, the BIG 4 mainline would continue to a dropoff at the edge of the table. I suggest that this part of the Big 4 have no power to the rails and all switches be permanently set against that route. Yes, these are compromises, but this is a hobby of compromises. The trick is to minimize the compromises and keep them as subtle as you can.

Re: Layout planning

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:48 am
by Luke
As Tom mentions, I wanted to feature Hiles / New London in my layout, but faced the issue with the prototype track arrangement further west. Those familiar with the area will recall that the AC&Y crossed the double track mainline of Big Four-NYC at Hiles, circumnavigated New London and a few miles west, crossed the B&Q double track main before heading west to Carey. The diagram and photos show the solution that Tom suggested and which will be incorporated in the layout. Effectively, I am treating the double track mainlines of both the NYC and B&O as "one-in-the-same" which provides incredible modeling and operating potential. As there was no interchange with the B&O at Greenwich (where AC&Y crossed the B&O), I'll not include a connection (An interchange with the B&O was actually a few miles further west at Plymouth). As you can see in the photos, I do have a nice connection matching the prototype at Hiles. This was one of several locations where stock traffic off the AC&Y was forwarded to Eastern meat packers, It also was very common for all three roads to detour trains in this area over one another. Yes, NYC Niagaras did run on the AC&Y and FM's on both the B&O and NYC.

Re: Layout planning

Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2016 9:48 pm
by RRFoose
Any chance you have a more final version of your track plan that you would be willing to share with us?