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Weekend Photo shoot 11-25-12

Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:21 pm
by West End
I based this on the only photos we have of the rare 5000 series cars. Work is still in progress, but nearing the weathering stage.
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Re: Weekend Photo shoot 11-25-12

Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:24 pm
by West End
A 6000 series car using society decals. Ready for weathering.
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Re: Weekend Photo shoot 11-25-12

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:47 pm
by prrshifter
Nice job! I assume they are the Bowser GLa and Stewart fishbelly hoppers.
What did you use for decals for the 5014?
Has anyone considered using the Accurail gon for the ACY 1300 class? Ends appear to be wrong but that can be corrected.
The list of suitable HO freight cars published some years ago in the magazine suggested using the Mantua/Tyco high side gon, but this was before the Accurail one was made.


Re: Weekend Photo shoot 11-25-12

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:10 am
by West End

I used lots of different decals sets for the 5000 series car. Including a Champion alphabet set, leftovers from various rail graphics sets that came with Westerfield hoppers, the repack and new date decals are left overs from the 6000 series decal sets offered by the society.

As far as the gondola, both the Accurail and the Mantua cars are close but both require modifications to be correct. The Mantua car is actually ONLY correct for a series of Erie cars who's number series escapes me at this point.