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Carbon Black Covered Hopper Modeling

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:53 pm
by Luke
First is a now complete model of a highly accurate 3000-cubic foot Carbon Black covered hopper offered by Rail Shop. This is a HO scale injection molded flat styrene kit, molded in black for easy painting. The prototype cars initially appeared in 1934 and continued to be built through the 40's with minor variations... so well constructed that they lasted into the 90's. As we have confirmed records of United Carbon Company (UCBX) cars on the AC&Y, I choose to letter the car as USBX 89, a car built by ACF Industries in 1937. The United Carbon decals are offered by Mount Vernon Shops in their new carbon black car set. The second model is a brass import from Overland Models. It's lettered from another well known carbon black producer, J.M. Huber Company. As I've since discovered, carbon black cars were very well maintained, so the extreme rust and weathering has be toned down.... no problem as its done with pastel chalks. I've substituted an updated photo of the Huber car with less rust and weathering.

Carbon Black is used in the manufacture of rubber products. The AC&Y handled hundreds of loads annually, mostly from SW producing plants in connection with the Nickel Plate. Every AC&Y symbol train likely included a carbon black car. Steve Holzheimer has authored a terrific story on carbon black published in the Fall 2012 issue of AC&Y HS News. Further, we plan "all-modeling" magazines in the future, so look for the Rail Shops kit (review and construction tips) to be featured in the upcoming issue.

The AC&Y Historical Society boasts some of the best modelers in the country. We welcome similar modeling articles... anything related to the AC&Y. REL

Re: Carbon Black Covered Hopper Modeling

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 6:31 pm
by wadegriffis
Bob : The cars look very nice. I will be bringing several completed carbon black cars with me to the convention. I have done some Sid Richardson cars. I used to see them parked in sidings along I-75 in Findley , Ohio . I think they were being stored for use by the Cooper Tire people .