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Sunday Photo Shoot 7/29/12

Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 3:39 pm
by mattwoods
Greetings fellow AC&Y modellers:

After an off week last week, we're going to try this photo shoot and modelling showcase once again. Here is my version of the Arlington depot and some photos of some track work that I have done. I guess the next step is individual tie plates. How many of you are headed to the NMRA Convention?

Matt Woods
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Re: Sunday Photo Shoot 7/29/12

Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:48 pm
by Luke
Matt, Nice work at Arlington... you may not need tie plates, though! Check out the two ROW photos below. Believe you're "dead-on" with your track modeling!!

The later photo was taken in 1939 west of Medina and the first is undated at New London, but revealing none-the-less. For the most part, tie plates were not installed on the AC&Y's tangent (straight) track until the 1940's. Bridges and curves had tie plates early on for good reason and yard and industry tracks did not have tie plates until the 1950's. The AC&Y ROW diagram provides dates for rail. ballast and tie plate installations for specific locales as do the AFE's. Keep up the great modeling! REL

Re: Sunday Photo Shoot 7/29/12

Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:03 pm
by mattwoods

Thanks for the much appreciated compliments and the very insightful information on the AC&Y track laying practices. I never would have imagined that the AC&Y did not use tie plates in most instances that late. The trackage in the model photos is on a diorama that I built for a scratch built elevator I did a while ago. I think the rail bars really make the difference along with the wooden ties. Generally, I use Microengineering track for modules and so forth. I wanted to also thank you for posting the interesting information on the bridge at Mount Blanchard. It would make a fantastic Free-mo module. I would really like to see some pictures of the elevator. It could be a potential scratch build. I visited the new and improved Rob's Hobbies on Saturday over in Alliance. I would encourage all area fellow modellers to check them out.