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H15-44 Yellow for models

Posted: Fri May 25, 2012 8:54 am
by pslota
I have purchased a number at Atlas H15-44 DCC diesels to build my roster for my AC&Y RR. However, they are either unpainted or in liveries of other RR's.
I want to spray paint these all in the correct yellow color...does anyone know the correct model paint mix to use?

Re: H15-44 Yellow for models

Posted: Sat May 26, 2012 12:00 pm
by Luke
The answer to a long-standing question "what color is AC&Y yellow?".... noteworthy is the sequence of Fairbanks-Morse "Big Horse" H20-44 production.

Union Pacific took FM's two 1947 demonstrators, one of which appeared in Atlantic City, plus another five locomotives. P&WV was next with an order of two H20's delivered 10/47. Then, FM built four additional units for the UP in 11-12/47. AC&Y's four H20-44 diesels were built 1-2/48. That sequence provides some clues... we speculate that since the AC&Y order directly followed those built by FM's Beloit works for the UP, the decision was made by AC&Y management (and perhaps F-M) to utilize the same paint (color), that is DuPont #93-9356 deluxe yellow. I found that paint code in the AC&Y HS Archive for an ALCO-GE unit and later confirmed with a gentleman who has circa 1940's DuPont Master Color Codes that it is the identical code as UP Armour Yellow. So, we are reasonably certain that the AC&Y's chromium yellow-gold applied to all FM and some ALCO-GE diesels was identical to UP's so-called Armour Yellow. Photos seem to confirm this conclusion. Note that UP may have adjusted the exact shade of their Armour Yellow at some point between 1947 and the 1970's.

Matching the color with commercially available paints is a matter of modeler preference. The exact shades of UP Armour Yellow seem to vary by both manufacture date (Floquil, for example, completely changed their compounding to meet EPA standards) and paint company (there are several who offer this color). Bear-in-mind that yellow tended to shift to a lighter shade (more white) due to sun exposure and that all F-M units acquired a good covering of oily soot and road grime. Hope this helps! If anyone has additional insight, kindly post.