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Railway Prototype Cyclopedia - Number 27

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 6:06 pm
by Luke
The latest edition of Railway Prototype Cyclopedia (RP CYC 27) which features ACF-design 1,958 cubic foot 70-ton covered hoppers is now available. The AC&Y was an early purchaser of this design with an order for fifteen cars in 1942 followed by an acquisition of an additional 25 cars in 1947. All forty cars were assigned to Columbia Southern / PPG at Barberton for soda ash traffic. The Cyclopedia does profile both series of AC&Y cars.

I was contacted by co-author Ed Hawkins and was able to provide specific information for the AC&Y cars which was incorporated into the article. Several models are offered in HO scale. The Society also produced decals in N-scale, HO, S and O-scale for the correct AC&Y lettering schemes and variations. It is possible they are still available? Also, the Cyclopedia does include many excellent photos of the AC&Y cars and for other owners and lessors. As information. REL

Re: Railway Prototype Cyclopedia - Number 27

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 12:02 pm
by wadegriffis
Bob : Was at the RPM convention in Chicago last weekend , and picked up a copy of RP CYC 27. It is a really amazing work. Information , tons of prototype photos. Well worth the price for the wealth of info.
Question : Where did / who made the National B - Timken roller bearing trucks on the one car picture you attached ? I have been unable to find these.

The society has indeed made decals for the original paint scheme that appeared on these cars - Akron Canton & Youngstown spelled out across the letter board.
The cars carried several other paint schemes during their long ACY careers. I have decals available for the circle herald cars as well as the "lemon" herald cars.
The number fonts and car weigh data fonts changed as these cars were re-painted , and I have these changes included as well. Combining the lettering from the societies set and mine allow any paint scheme to be done - EXCEPT the reverse car - the black #535.

Re: Railway Prototype Cyclopedia - Number 27

Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:23 am
by Luke
As you mention, National B-1 roller bearing trucks (Timken bearings) were incorporated in the second series (1947 build by American Car & Foundry) of twenty-five AC&Y two-bay 70-ton covered hoppers (AC&Y 515-539). There are currently no off-the-shelf trucks in HO scale that can be used for these cars. I modeled the RB trucks starting with National B-1 plain bearing trucks. I believe this was or is offered by Walthers / Proto 2000. I'm certain they are still available. I carefully removed the plain bearing end from the journal by cutting and filing to create a new flat surface. There are several sources of low-cost (sacrificial) trucks with roller bearings and also brass castings by Custom Finising / Bob Rzaza for the specific Timken end caps, part #190. See truck parts listed at The sacrificial trucks require carefully removing the roller bearing end cap, then gluing it with ACC to the PK2 National B-1 truck. The brass castings require a little cleanup, but the process and results are the same.

While I did not modify the roof hatches as outlined in the Cyclopedia article, I did add the eight "toe holds". These are short angles welded to the top side adjacent the roof hatches. They're a safety feature in providing some leverage when opening the longitudinal hatches (which folded toward the center of the cars). Also, note a small plate in yellow on the second series provide safety warnings to ensure hand brakes were set on the roller bearing cars.

Glad to know there are alternate scheme decals for these cars. Not mentioned in the Cyclopedia issue is the AC&Y covered (along with cars from other roads including NKP) were assigned to PPG in Barberton for soda ash service. REL