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Spencer Feed Mill Destroyed By Fire

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:03 pm
by mattwoods
I went to Spencer on Saturday to get additional photos of the feed mill along the former AC&Y and I was very surprised and dismayed to find it burnt to the ground. The attached article confirms that it was not a controlled burn. I am currently scratch building the structure and will have to preserve it in model form. This structure was definitely a familiar and iconic symbol that clearly identified Spencer. Fortunately, I had taken a fair number of pictures previously. If anyone has photos of the structure prior to being covered in corrugated metal, I would greatly appreciate them. I built my model as I believed it might have looked prior to being covered, although I intend to do a corrugated version in styrene. I will post pictures of the buildings remains later. ... n-spencer/

Re: Spencer Feed Mill Destroyed By Fire

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:15 am
by Luke
Matt, Sorry to hear of the demise of the old Spencer Elevator. It was a classic structure, part of the Northern Ohio/AC&Y legacy and a modeler's dream. I had witnessed its slow deterioration over the past 35-years. Fortunately, it has been well preserved photographically; also, within Society Archive records. I'll post a couple prototype photos. Images are also found in George Elwood's "Fallen Flag" website. REL