The Akron Canton & Youngstown Railroad Historical Society is a group of rail historians, modelers, and railfans who have banded together for the express purpose of sharing a common interest in the AC&Y, and its predecessors.
Today is Tuesday August 04, 2015

Official distibutor of the long-awaited AC&Y-A&BB Morning Sun book announced
The long-awaited Morning Sun book covering the AC&Y-A&BB Railroads will be soon be available (April). As the Society company store is no longer operational, we have decided not to serve as a retail distributor, though we do have dealer privileges. Its simply a matter of resources which we do not have. However, in lieu of this decision, we have contacted Chuck Macklin, a longtime reputable dealer of railroad related books. Chuck has agreed to become our "offical" retail source should anyone wish to purchase our magnificent publication. Chuck's pricing is very competitive and his service beyond reproach.
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AC&YHS Spring 2015 Meeting
The Spring Meeting 2015 of the AC&YHS is scheduled for Sunday April 26th, 2015 at the Medina Public Library.
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Get the latest AC&YHS News
The Fall and Winter 2014 AC&Y News is available for a free download.
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Get the latest Issue of The ACY Modeler
The Spring 2014 ACY Modeler is available for a free download.
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AC&YHS announces its first "Brass Steam Engine Model"
This Limited Edition Model commemorates the AC&Y Railroad's Lima Locomotive Works built R2 class Mikado Nos. 404-406.
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The Akron Canton & Youngstown Railroad Historical Society has transitioned to a new model. This format will be a dynamic publication with open access to all via the Internet. We are somewhat unique in that we have formed a railroad historical society that is purely internet based with;
  • No Dues
  • No Traditional Membership
  • No Officers
  • No Politics
  • No Society Meetings nor Annual Convention
Visit our AC&Y FORUM

Our long awaited AC&Y Forum is now up and running! This forum is provided as a service to those interested in the AC&Y. It is open to all. We ask that subject matter be related in some way to the AC&Y or affiliated roads. To search or read the forum, you do not need to be registered. Although, to participate in our forum, you must register!

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